The altar is the centerpiece of the entire church. It is designed first so that all other areas of the church are in harmony. The mensa displays the living vines from St. John’s Cathedral along the sides, which tie together with the artwork. There are five crosses on the top of the mensa, signifying Christ’s five wounds during his crucifixion. The pillars of the altar display the 12 apostles. These men were brought together from the 12 tribes of Israel to be missionaries of Jesus’s teachings. Having them be the center of the church signifies bringing the community together to be one in Christ and rejoice in the Word of God. In the center of the altar is the reliquary. As decided by Fr. Alex and Mgr. McCormick, the reliquary will visit each church in the parish before it is placed in St. Borromeo, signifying the joining of the four churches in the Good Shepherd Parish.

Altar -Mensa

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