Synopsis: Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio was a Mexican Cristero who was proud of his Catholic Faith. During the Cristero War in 1926, Jose wanted to join the rebel forces along with his brothers, although his mother and the rebel general refused his enlistment. Jose insisted that he wanted the chance to give his life for Jesus Christ and the general gave in and allowed him to become the flagbearer. During battle, he was captured and imprisoned by government officials. They ordered Jose to renounce his faith in Christ, under threat of death and he refused to accept and never gave in to their torture. The government officials told him that if he shouts, “Death to Christ the King” they will spare his life, but Jose would only shout, “I will never give in. Viva Cristo Rey!” He was killed by government officials for not renouncing his Catholic Faith.

St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio

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