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Paul Chong Hasang was the son of the martyr Augustine Jeong Yak-Jong and a nephew of noted philosopher John Jeong Yak-Yong, who were among the first converts of Korea, who wrote the first catechism for the Catholic Church in Korea. Hasang chose to become a servant of a government interpreter; where he entreated the bishop of Beijing to send priests to Korea and wrote to Pope Gregory XVI via the bishop of Beijing requesting the establishment of a diocese in Korea. The bishop found Hasang to be talented, zealous, and virtuous; he taught him Latin and theology, and was about to ordain him when a persecution broke out. Hasang was captured and gave the judge a written statement defending Catholicism. Hasang went through a series of tortures in which his countenance remained tranquil. Finally, he was bound to a cross on a cart and cheerfully met his death, at the age of 45."

St. Paul Chong Hasang

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