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Baptismal Font

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The baptismal font is the receptacle used for  baptism, one of the most important rituals in the Catholic Church.  Baptism  signifies the washing away of sins and the beginning of a new life in Christ. In St. Borromeo, the baptismal font is placed at the entrance to the nave so the community is reminded of their own baptism at the beginning of each ceremony. Placing it at the entrance also signifies that it is the first step in an individual’s life in Christ.

The baptismal font has two basins: an upper bowl for children and a lower basin for adults and adolescents. This is a very powerful design showing that no matter one’s age, they can always begin their walk with Christ. The inside of both receptacles will be black granite with a mosaic. The upper bowl will have five crosses signifying the five wounds on Christ during his crucifixion, which ties in with the altar mensa. The lower bowl will have the holy spirit with rays emanating outwards, which ties in with the carved Trinity in the retablo.


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