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Benedict of Nursia was the son of a Roman noble, twin with his sister Scholastica. When he Benedict was young he was sent to Rome to finish his education with a nurse, afraid for his soul, he fled and became a hermit with his nurse. Benedict was persuaded to become abbot of one of these monasteries. His reforming zeal was resisted, however, and an attempt was made to poison him. He returned to his cave, but again disciples flocked to him, and he founded 12 monasteries, each with 12 monks, with himself in general control of all. The Rule of St. Benedict is concerned with a life spent wholly in community, and among his contributions to the practices of the monastic life none is more important than his establishment of a full year’s probation, followed by a solemn vow of obedience to the Rule as mediated by the abbot of the monastery to which the monk vowed a lifelong residence."

St. Benedict of Nursia

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