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St. Charles Vestments

Fr. Alex Chavez, Pastor of our Good Shepherd Catholic Parish have selected Chagall Design Ltd as the finishers of celebrant vestments and designers of the unique look of St Charles Borromeo Church.  These include vestments for Celebrant, Concelebrants, Decans and visiting Bishops.

Los Angeles based Chagall Design Ltd. specializes in producing chasubles, dalmatics, albs, stoles, altar cloths, lectern covers, and banners to complement the liturgy. They combine harmony and elegance to enhance the beauty of our Church, using the very best fabrics made in Europe, designed exclusively by Chagall.

With decades of experience in design and manufacturing, each piece is carefully made by hand in America, ensuring excellent craftsmanship. Each sponsored item will have the family name and any honors sewn into the garment. A unique way to keep in prayer as our church leaders prepare for mass, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Photos used are for illustration purposes only. Fr. Alex and select members of the clergy will provide design requirements as each item will be custom produced. The will select fabric, color, and style and design of the chasubles.

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